Our background ...

Increasingly, large companies and government organisations require the help of consulting firms capable of mobilising significant numbers of experienced consultants in different disciplines.

It is in response to this need that "Alliance Consulting GEIE" was established in 1996.

It brings together the capabilities of a number of consulting firms and makes it easy for them to work in concert.

In this way, it has become possible to combine the agility of the individual firms with the strength of the grouping.


Note : The legal framework for GEIEs

A European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG/GEIE) is designed to make it easier for companies in different countries to do business together, or to form consortia. It enables clients to deal with a single contractual partner. The GEIE's activities must be ancillary to those of its members and, as with a partnership, any profit or loss it makes is attributed to its members. It has unlimited liability. GEIE is based on the pre-existing Frech groupement d'intérêt économique (G.I.E.) law. Several thousands GEIE's now exist. For example, Airbus also was initially a GEIE, before becoming part of EADS.

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